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I have lived in Italy for over 25 years and have been in property and project management for over 15 years. In all my years of helping friends, family, and virtually everyone I know find and renovate their dream properties, there is no streamlined, simplistic way of finding the perfect home. You need constant contact with agents and sellers who really know their business. This is how we want to help you, by letting us do the work and giving you the information, you can make a detailed list of all your potential dream homes before you book that ticket to Italy. Let us be your Italian friends in the business.
As an American living in Tuscany, I have helped maybe a gazillion friends find their dream homes in Italy. It started with my really close friends, then their friends and then their friends and on and on it went. All the time, everyone kept saying to me 'If only you could just send us a list of some of those awesome houses every week.' And finally, I realized, hey, they are right... I'm here, I know absolutely everyone, I talk to everyone. I see the latest. The greatest. So there's a newsletter. I really hope you love it as much as I do. Because living in Italy is amazing"

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"Thank you so much! My dream has always been to live in Italy, and as I've gotten older, it has seemed farther and farther away. However thanks to your newsletter I am inspired anew!...I look forward to perhaps finally making this dream come alive."
Susan Murphy
Singer, actor, subscriber
I now LIVE for Thursdays thanks to this fabulous newsletter. It feeds our plan to move to Italy while educating us at the same time. I love all the little tidbits about the various areas - customs, festivals, recipes. Thursday was good because it was "Baby Friday" but now its WAY better!
Deborah Seidner
Fabulous Subscriber
"This week's newsletter is amazing!!  Love it... I want them all!!!"
a happy subscriber in Ireland
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